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See miraculous results using our hair building and thickening products that we present in the form of Hair Building Fibers, Hair Sprays and Hair Powder...

About Us

While men start losing hair as they age, it is seen that many thinning hair sufferers are also women, with the problem arising due to innumerable reasons – inadequate diet, ageing, frequent sun exposure, poor genes, etc. However, the good news is that hair thinning can no longer be seen as a hearth wrenching problem as it can be effectively battled. With us, GUANGZHOU SANWICH BIOLOGY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD, you do not have to suffer hair loss problems in silence. We can help you boost the volume of your tresses and steal the confidence back with our range of Hair Building Fiber, Keratin Hair Fiber, Hair Loss Powder, Instant Hair Fiber, etc.

As a trusted manufacturer and exporter, we present products that are relied on by thousands of clients and demanded in bulk every year from all over the globe. These products made in consonance with latest industry norms are also suitable for people who are undergoing other hair transplant or hair regrowth treatment. We take pride in the fact that our products are demanded by many known personalities and celebrities, and highly recommended by doctors as viable solutions for treating hair loss and hair thinning problems.

Our Aim

To highlight effectiveness, safety and customer satisfaction in our line of hair fiber and allied products through guaranteed quality, time bound delivery and competitive pricing.

How Our Products Work?

People encountering thinning hair problems do not produce healthy and lustrous hair. Their hair becomes increasingly shorter, finer, etc. Such undernourished hair called vellus hair gets smaller and smaller and there comes a time when the once healthy hair follicles become dormant and the hair growth process comes to a halt. This is the stage when people (both men & women) lose a lot of hair and even go bald.

Our Products - A Snapshot

We bring forth a range of durable quality hair fibres like Hair Building Fiber, Instant Hair Fiber, Keratin Hair Fiber, etc., that are made of pure keratin protein. This is the same material that can be found in normal healthy hair. The fibers can be merged into your thinning hair, which helps one to get rid of any signs of hair loss and thinning. We also deal in Hair Loss Powder of excellent quality that can bring dramatic changes in how your hair feels and looks in no time.